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                        Home guides and advice

                        Living and dining room

                        A brown leather sofa with patterned cushions.

                        How to choose a new sofa

                        Get to know our sofas with our guide to types, sizes, fabric and fillings.

                        An orange velvet sofa in a charcoal grey room beside a glass coffee table and gold planter.

                        Sofa measuring guide

                        Make sure your new sofa measures up juuuust right with our guide.

                        A blue velvet sofa bed beside a grey armchair in a living room.

                        How to choose a new sofa bed

                        Don't know your click-clacks from your chair beds? Our sofa bed guide can help you out.

                        Three black and brown rattan chairs around a glass topped wooden dining table.

                        Dining table ideas

                        Take a seat and tuck-in to our guide to choosing a new dining table.

                        A television on a white TV stand between indoor plants.

                        How to choose a TV stand

                        Can't decide on a new TV unit? Change the channel and let our guide help.

                        Textured green tableware and glassware on a rustic wooden dining table.

                        Dinner and glassware ideas

                        Set the table for success with our guide to dinner and glassware.


                        A bed covered in white bed linen and complementary cream and navy throws.

                        How to choose a bed

                        Let us help you find the bed you've been dreaming of.

                        Bold leaf print bedding on a wooden bed in a green bedroom.

                        How to choose the best bedding

                        Freshen up your bed with our guide to duvet and pillow covers.

                        A white wardrobe and matching cube storage beside a wooden four poster bed.

                        Wardrobe ideas

                        How to choose a wardrobe that matches your style.

                        An upholstered bed with brightly coloured linen in a pale pink room.

                        100 night comfort promise

                        Because choosing a new mattress shouldn't keep you up at night.

                        Homewares and accessories

                        A wooden tripod table lamp with a natural woven shade on a round side table.

                        Living room lighting ideas

                        Give your lounge a new glow with these tables and floor lamp ideas.

                        A white and gold claw style ceiling light in a peach coloured room.

                        Ceiling light ideas

                        Find out more about how to choose the best ceiling lights for your home.

                        A framed vinyl record on a mint green wall above a record player.

                        Frame and wall art ideas

                        Turn your walls from bare to bold with our guide to frames and wall art.

                        A blue patterned rug on a wooden living room floor.

                        Rug ideas

                        Our guide to rugs can help you do more with your floors.

                        A horizontally striped rolled blind in a white window space.

                        How to choose blinds

                        Find the best size and style of blind for you.

                        Pink, white and grey spotted curtains in a living room with matching colour accents.

                        How to choose curtains

                        Be certain about the curtains you want with our guide.

                        An orange footstool in a living room with boldly coloured accessories.

                        How to accessorise with cushions and throws

                        Get snug-as-a-bug with our guide.

                        More help and inspiration

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